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Hello! My name is Dr Kristy Potter and I'm a UK trained Clinical Psychologist. I founded Dr Potter Psychology in order to provide the highest quality therapy at your flexibility, offering a fully remote service. 

I currently work part-time in Bermuda, a British Overseas Territory with the rest of my time offering therapy privately, as well as pursuing some passion projects in research, alongside contributing to training and writing academic texts. Please note I am unable to see clients based in Bermuda due to Bermuda specific immigration.

I have previously worked in the NHS and the Ministry of Defence in a number of settings, including Neuropsychology, Older Adults and Intellectual Disabilities. I remain active in the research world and love offering training to my fellow health care professionals. 

My specialist areas include adjustment to physical health conditions, including Neurological conditions, areas related to Neurodiversity, alongside chronic and other physical health conditions (including chronic pain). I have also worked extensively with anxiety, OCD and low mood.


I am available to work with anyone over the age of 16 years old. Please note, anyone below the age of 18 years old will require parental consent.

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Curriculum Vitae







Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, University of Nottingham

Masters in Rehabilitation Psychology, University of Nottingham

Bachelors in Psychology, University of Nottingham


April 2022 - Current


September 2019 - March 2022

Set up a Neurodiversity assessment service and providing ongoing therapeutic support

Individual therapy for a range of presentations

Training and consultation 

Supervision responsibilities

Therapeutic provision for serving personnel at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre (DMRC)

Primary role within the Neuropsychology department

Set up an Outpatient Neuropsychological assessment service

Cognitive Rehabilitation and Individual Therapy


Sept 2018 - October 2020

Various roles including:


Older Adults: Dementia assessments, individual therapy, challenging behaviour pathways

Intellectual Disability: inpatient locked rehabilitation experience alongside intensive community support to prevent admission and facilitate discharge


Various - ongoing

Working on a variety of original research projects, multi-centred trials, contributing to teaching and publishing journal papers


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